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Our Plans Include:


Safe Harbor

Profit Sharing

Defined Benefit

Cash Balance

Custom Plan Design
  • We work with you, your CPA, as well as financial institution and payroll company to design a plan specifically for your needs
  • Worry free retirement planning – We receive information from your CPA, financial institution and payroll company then provide you with an annual progress report for you and your employee/participants.
  • Our two in-house Actuaries specialize in tax deferral for small business.
  • Employee Education – At your request, we will sit down with your staff to explain the plan(s) and how it will benefit them.

    Dedicated Service Team – You will have a point of contact and they will cut through the red tape and treat you like family, not a number.  Our full staff is available from 8-6 EST and email support is available 24 hours a day to field any questions you may have.

    Integration with investment and payroll companies – You won’t have to spend time providing information to us, with your approval, we will request it directly from your payroll and financial institution.

    Advantages of using CAS:

    Expertise – Two actuaries on staff mean that you are getting the highest level of expertise for your retirement plan.

    Experience and Longevity – CAS, Inc. was founded in 1976 and is in its 2nd generation of family operation.  I think you would agree that after 40+ years and 2 generations, you would consider us to be experts.

    Reduced administration costs – We will not pledge to be the least expensive, after all actuaries are professionals.  From our experience, our fees are in the bottom third of companies offering retirement plan administration but our service is second to none..

    We don’t sell payroll services, insurance, annuities or investments – this means we can give you our unbiased opinion and can integrate with any financial service company.

    We will not “farm out” your plan to other companies to complete.  We value your personal information and perform all work at our office in Pine Brook, New Jersey.

    What will CAS, Inc. do for me?
  • Help you reduce income tax through qualified plan deferrals
  • Reduce plan administrative burdens
  • Form 5500 (and related forms) filing
  • Annual compliance checks
  • Non-Discrimination Testing
  • Contributions
  • Calculate participant contributions
  • Track contribution limits
  • Track catch up contributions
  • All Plan compliance and reporting
  • Calculate and track participant loans from the plan
  • Monitoring of pending legislative actions
  • Approval and denial of participant loans
  • Distribution processing
  • Help you retain key employees by adding retirement to their benefits package.